Costa Rica: Voted Best Latin American Destination by National Geographic Travel Readers

In a resounding victory, Costa Rica has once again claimed the title of “Best Latin American Destination” in the prestigious National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards. This recent accolade adds another feather to the country’s cap, solidifying its reputation as a global leader in sustainable tourism.

The much-anticipated award ceremony for the National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 took place on April 25 in the vibrant city of Madrid. The selection process was meticulous, with a team of experts shortlisting 55 finalists across various categories. The ultimate winners were determined through a voting system, with readers and travel enthusiasts passionately supporting their favorite destinations. The criteria for selection centered around sustainability, excellence, and a commitment to authenticity, all of which resonated strongly with the destinations and establishments nominated by the readers.

Costa Rica’s remarkable biodiversity and unwavering dedication to conservation were key factors that impressed National Geographic. The country’s unique geography, situated between two oceans and adorned with a majestic spine of volcanoes, offers unparalleled opportunities to experience and appreciate nature. National Geographic underscored that a journey through Costa Rica allows visitors to immerse themselves in forests teeming with awe-inspiring biodiversity, stroll along beaches fringed by mangroves where turtles lay their precious eggs and dive into pristine waters that beckon a diverse array of marine species.

While Costa Rica faced stiff competition from other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Oaxaca (Mexico), and Chile in the same category, it emerged victorious due to its exceptional natural beauty and unwavering commitment to conservation.

This recent recognition is not the first time Costa Rica’s sustainability efforts have garnered international acclaim. Countless travelers from around the globe consistently choose Costa Rica as their preferred destination, seeking a genuine connection with nature that is often elusive elsewhere. It comes as no surprise that the nation continues to be honored for its pioneering initiatives in promoting sustainable tourism.

Costa Rica’s triumph as the “Best Latin American Destination” in the 1st National Geographic Travel Readers’ Choice Awards is undeniably well-deserved. The country’s steadfast dedication to sustainability and the preservation of natural habitats is truly commendable. It stands as an exemplary model of how tourism can be promoted in a manner that not only preserves the environment but also uplifts local communities.

As we celebrate Costa Rica’s latest achievement, let us be inspired by its remarkable commitment to responsible tourism. May it serve as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, encouraging us all to travel mindfully, appreciate the wonders of our natural world, and protect the precious resources that make our planet so extraordinary. Congratulations, Costa Rica!